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Concertina Coils

Concertina Barbed Wire, Heavily Galvanized

Each roll of Concertina Barbed Wire consists of single high tensile line wire which is spirally coiled. Barbs are fixed at regular intervals. The turns of the concertina are inter-connected at regular distances around the circumference by means of clips ,to form diamond meshes upon extension .When extended to its full length the concertina unfurls easily and provides a cylinder-like barrier.
Concertina Barbed Wire provides instant reliable and economical security for vital installations.
It can be set up quickly and easily on top of existing fences and solid walls, in ditches on roof of
tops or by itself on the ground.

Single high tensile steel line wire :
Diameter :3.0+/-0.05mm
Tensile strength :1235N/m2
Low Carbon Steel Barbing Wire:
Diameter: 2.0mm+/-0.05mm
Tensile Strength :350N/m2
Length of barbs:13-20mm
Distance between Barbs:60mm+/-16mm
Galvanization :
Line Wire:275g/m2
Barbing Wire:240g/m2

Concertina Barbed Wire
Roll Diameter 100mm 700mm 450mm
Approx Extended Length 15M 15M 5.2M
Approx NO. of Loops +/-66 +/-66 +/-34
Packing 15coils/bdle 15coils/bdle 15coils/bdle
Lifting Handles 2 2 2

About Barbed Wire Products:

Barbed Wire IOWA Type is the most popular and widely used barbed wire product, available mainly in standard galvanizing or plastic coating materials. The wires are braided with a system of constant torsion, with barb prongs interlaced in the wires. As a traditional product for protection and privacy, barbed wire is widely used in civil and military life. We supply barbed wire made in carbon steel, further galvanized with good corrosion resistance.
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