Puma Barbed Tape Co. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of security barbed wire fencing products.

We have been supplying anti-climb fencing wire solutions for global customers, from common premises border fencing to military grade high security fencings. Traditional Barbed Wires come in double or single strand wire twisted. Materials include ss, galvanized iron and plastic coated GI wire. Enhanced forms of barb wire includes Razor Barbed Wire, Flat Razor Wire, Concertina and Welded Barbed Wire Meshes.

Single Coil Razor Barbed Wire have 33 to 53 loops, the outside diameters are 450mm, 500mm, 700mm, 960mm. Standard coil length can be 8m, 10m or 13m. Crossed BTO type barbed wire, the outside wire diameter ranging from 450mm to 960mm; number of loops can be 52 to 112. They offer different level of security fencing.

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Primary Products

Field Fencing Barbed Wire

Galvanized Barbed Wire
Exported to Jordan

GI Barb Wire: diameter 1.5mm, barb spacing 5'', barb distance 15, wire gauge SWG10# x 10#, SWG12# x 12#, roll length between 80 m to 120 m;
PVC Coating Galv. Barbed Wire: Plastic coating 0.6mm, wire before coating 3.5mm, wire after coating 4.0mm, barb distance 10cm to 15cm, packed roll length: 3cm.

Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire for Prison Fencing

Galvanized Welded Razor Barbed Wire
Exported to Cyprus

Galvanized blades length in 27mm to 30 mm, thickness 0.5 mm min, axial distance 40mm to 50 mm in width, high tensile strength 1500 Mpa. The rhombus will be 150 x 300 mm in size.
Galvanizing Zinc Coating: 210 gram/ m²min for welded razor mesh measuring 1.80X6.00 meters and diamond-dimension 150X300mm.

Reverse Twist Barb Wire Machine
Exported to Turkey

Requirements for the machine are listed below as:
Number of strand wires: 2
Strand wire diameter mm : 1.70 – 2.50
Number of barb wires : 2
Distance between barbs cm : 75 -100

Razor Ribbon Barbed Wire
Exported to Germany

CBT-65 outside coil diameter: 450mm, length per coil: 8m;
CBT-65 outside coil diameter 500mm, length per coil: 10m;
BTO-10.15.22 outside diameter 500mm, length per coil: 10m.
Packed in double spiral roll connected by clips.

Concertina Barbed Tape
Exported to UK

600mm diameter loops, concertina razor tape: SS 316 grade razor tape –BTO22, with stainless core wire;
450mm diameter loops, concertina razor tape: SS 316 grade razor tape – BTO 22, with stainless core wire.

Flat Barbed Wire Coils
Exported to Africa

Razor Wire Flat Wrap, galvanized, wire coils in 20 inch;
Flat Razor Wire Coils Diameter: 500mm, in stainless steel.
Used with palisade panels for high security fencing uses.

Steel Fencing Mesh Panels

Hot Dipped Galva. Field Fence Exported to Oman

Field fence:
Height 120cm, number of horizontal wires: 7, distance between the horizontal wires: all the same : 20cm; wires 3mm ( top, bottom, middle and vertical); tensile strength min 600N/mm²; surface: galvanised;
the connecting knots between the wires are either a fixed knot, ringlock, or square deal.

Triple Head Steel Palisade Fence with V Barb Arms Supporting Barbed Wire

Hot Dip Galvanise Steel Palisade Fence Exported to Qatar

W pales 3mm thick x 70mm wide x triple head; rails 50x50x6 mm; posts 102x44x7.44 kg / m, post spacing 2.75 m; fish plates; M8 X 30 mm bolts with security nuts for pales to rails fixing; M12 X 40 mm cup square bolts with security nuts for rails to fish plate fixing; extension arms 60x60x6mm in V type barb arm, for pvc coated gi barbed wire.


Barbed Wire Fence System Projects

PVC coated GI fence Barbed wire

PVC coated GI fence wire 1.6/2.5mm 1" x 1" x 5 x 30- dark green color,GI fence wire 1.6mm 1" x 1" x 5 x30,GI fence wire 1.8mm 2" x 2" x 5 x 70,pvc coated GI fence wire 1.6/2.5mm 2" x 2" x 5 x 50- dark green color,GI barbed wire 2.5/2.0mm x 100m roll

Stainless Steel Barbed Wire manufactured from SS wire conforming to ISO 280

The barbed wire shall be formed by twisting together two-line wires, one or both containing the barbs. The direction of twisting may be in one direction or alternately in left or right directions, Barb Length:>13 and <18
Distance between two barbs: 75 ± 12 mm, Twist type:Single,twist,Traditional twist

High Security Chain Link Fencing

The length of the fence is 6900m X 2.8m high with 3 strands of barbed wire at top. The fence has to meet wind load requirements as well as corrosion specifications. There are 7 gates within the fencing.At top barbed wire roll,hot dip galvanized,diameter: 900mm,core (central wire): 2.4 mm,blade (L / l): 22 mm / 15 mm,spacing: 34 mm, spiers: 56, Roll length: 10m.

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