Puma offers Welded Mesh Steel Fencing products for worldwide importers / wholesalers / distributors with consistant quality products and services. Electro Welded Wire Mesh is widely used in fencing project development for transport and the civil infrastructure.


Country Border Protective Fence;
Anti Climb Fence;
High Security Fence;
Garden Fence / Residential Area Fence.


Electro-Welded Wire Mesh
Galvanized Plasting Coated Welded Wire Mesh
Galvanized Wire Mesh, Electro Weld, Hot Dip Galvanized

Well Sold Weld Mesh Models

Electro-Welded Wire Mesh, PVC Coated

50 x 50mm Square Mesh PVC Welded Mesh

Galv. / PVC Coated, Electro Welded Mesh Panels, 50x50mm, for Outdoor Security Fencing Uses

With Roll of Razor Wire, Coil Top 3.55mm

Galvanized Plasting Coated Wire Mesh
Hole size: 50 x 50 mm, square hole

(50 x 50mm) OD 4.75mm & 2.5 m Height


Corner Posts

(114.3mm OD x 6.02mm Wall Thickness x 32 Mtr. Long, Galv. + PVC Coated)

With all accessories.

Tension Wire, Tie Wire & Hog Ring Wire

Galv / PVC Coated, With Accessories,

Tension Wire Connection, Clamp Etc.

Tension Wire 2mm Diameter

PVC Bonded Green (300 Mtr/Roll)

Tension Wire 3.2mm Diameter

PVC Extruded Green (300 Mtr/Roll)


Galvanized Welded Mesh Panels with V Bends

Galvanized Mesh Fencing Panels
Welded Mesh Panel, Size -2667 mm X 955 mm, 76.2 mm X 12.7 mm Mesh


Mesh Size: 76.2 mm X 12.7 mm

No of “V” Bends: 02 V Bends

Mesh wire: Galvanized MS wire

Horizontal wire and vertical wire dia -: 4 mm

Tensile strength: 350-550 N/ sq.mm

Galvanising of Wire -: 40-50 GSM

Weight per Panel: 24.3 kgs

Galvanised Welded Mesh Border Fencing Projects


Border Protective Segment Fence


Typical Protective Segment Fence made of welded net of mesh size 50 × 200 mm, round bar diameter about 5 mm. Metal parts must be hot-galvanized, thickness non-less than 80 microns. Pillars - 60 × 40 × 3 mm installed to earth of at least 800 mm, on the slope - not less than 1 meter. Nuts should be such that it cannot be unscrewed. Segment fences (segment height of not less than 1.95 m) peak is Y-shaped on which razor wire should be installed, which would be supported by galvanized tension wire (3 pcs.). Y head should be adapted to the razor wire. Razor wire cylinder diameter of not less than 700 mm and not less than 600 mm when stretched. The fence must be at least 2.60 m height.

Equipped with gates and wickets.
Gates must be stable, with a frame, adapted to segmental protective fence and installed in such a way as to ensure the stability of a solid fence.
Gate frame must be made of pipe dimensions non-smaller than 60x40x2mm. gate post dimensions non-smaller than 100x100x3mm with Y-shaped tops.
Wicket frame must be made of pipe dimensions non-smaller than 60x40x2mm. wicket post dimensions non-smaller than 60x60x3mm with Y-shaped tops.
Gate and wicket posts must have a guard for lock from rain/snow and holder loops for lock.
Gates must be locked by special locks. Gate width will be about 5 m and small gate about 1 m. At the top gates also has to have razor wire.
All doors and gates must be locked with the same key.

PDF Drawing Reference Files:

Border Protection Weld Mesh Panels, Y Support Tops, Razor Wire and Ground Foundation

PDF : how segments should be fixed to posts.


High Security Border Protective Galvanized Mesh Fencing Panels

Welded Net Segment Fencing Panels, Mesh size 50 × 200 mm, Galvanized Finish

High Security Anti Climb Electro Welded Mesh Panel with Razor Mesh Fence and Sliding Gate

Security Fencing Projects in Singapore. Security Fencing and Sliding gate.

Weld Mesh Fence Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
The Razor mesh is in SS316, or Hot Dip Galvanized.

High Security Fencing Panels of Welded Mesh and Razor Mesh

Fence Panels of Galv. Wire Mesh, Electrically Fusion Welded, in Mesh 12mm width x 75 mm hight x 4 mm wire diameter, with Anti Climbing Razor Mesh Welded Fence Tops

Diamond Mesh of Blade Razor Straight Line Welded
Welded Blade Razor Mesh in Diamond Opening, 75mm x 150 mm x 3 mm, Blade 0.5mm Thickness x 12 mm Width x 25 mm Long x 30 mm Spacing

Triangular Bending Residential Fence

Components: Standard Q195 or Q235 Low Carbon Steel Wire,Welded Pipe, pillars, etc.

Structure: Shaped by hydraulic pressure with welded high-strengthed cool-drawn low carbon steel wire and fixed with joint accessories and steel pipe pillars.

Triangle Bended Fences are widely used for the decoration for the residential area or the road beautiful isolation andgarden, feeding, husbandry, hotel, supper market, place of entertainment and so on.

Wire Dia: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,etc
Surface: PVC coated & galvanized
Colour: Green, yellow,white, etc
Mesh: 50*100, 50*200, 55*100, 55*200mm, etc
Mesh Style: Electro-welded.
Fence panel height 0.63-2.33m

Rolled Top Welded Steel Mesh Panels 55mm x 200mm

3D Curvy Welded Wire Mesh Euro Style Garden Fencing Panels

Double loop welded mesh panels, green pvc mesh, euro style, for backyards garden borders

Material: Q235 high quality low carbon steel wire
Wire Diameter: 2.5 mm - 6.0 mm
Aperture: 50 mm X 100 mm, 60 mmx120mm, 75 mmx150mm, 80x160mm, 50X200mm, 55mmx200mm.
Post Style: Round column, square column
Surface: Plastic spraying, PVC coated, galvanized +PVC, powder coated
Color: Green, black or as your requirement.
Accessories: Rain hat, clip, bolt, chassis
Panel heigh: 1225 or 1525 mm
Panel lengh: 2500 or 3000 mm
Wire diameter: 4mm and 5mm
Folds number: 2 or 3

Fence Panels:

Panel height Panel Length      Wire Diameter Mesh Size Folds No.
0.63m 2.0m,2.5m,3.0m     

Gal + Powder Painted

Gal + PVC Coated

  50*200mm 55*200mm   2
1.03m 2
1.23m 2
1.5m 3
1.53m 3
1.7m 3
1.73m 3
1.8m 4
1.83m 4
2.0m 4
2.03m 4
2.43m 4


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