Hot Dip and Electro Galvanized Steel Wire

We supply galvanized steel wire for construction, fencing wire, spring wire, wire ties and wire mesh nettings. Galvanized iron wire is made with mild steel rod through hard-drawn, and then galvanized. The rust-resistant galvanised wires are supplied in wire rolls, spool wire, cut wire, loop or u wire. Zinc coating varies according to specific requirements. Galvanized iron wire is simplified as GI wire sometimes.

Hot-dipped Galvanized Wire / HDG Wire

Zinc coat: 30-360g/m2
Tensile strength: 350-680N/mm2
Packing: 5-100kgs/coil
Hot dip galvanized iron wire has thicker zinc coating layer, enjoying much better anti-corrosion and anti-rust property, compared with electro galvanized wire.

Electro Galvanised Wire

Zinc coating amount: 7-30g/m2
Tensile strength: 350-680N/mm2
Packing: 5-100kgs/coil
Electro-galvanized iron wire with zinc coating layer, offer good corrosion resistance, compared with plain iron wire. Economic wire at less cost compared with HDG wire.

Galvanized Wire Sizes
Wire Gauge SWG (mm) BWG (mm) Metric (mm)
8 4.05 4.19 4.00
9 3.66 3.76 4.00
10 3.25 3.40 3.50
11 2.95 3.05 3.00
12 2.64 2.77 2.80
13 2.34 2.41 2.50
14 2.03 2.11 2.50
15 1.83 1.83 1.80
16 1.63 1.65 1.65
17 1.42 1.47 1.40
18 1.22 1.25 1.20
19 1.02 1.07 1.00
20 0.91 0.84 0.90
21 0.81 0.81 0.80
22 0.71 0.71 0.70

Well Sold Models for Export

Galvanised Wires

Galvanised Steel Wire Rolls as per the specification below:

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rolls
Galvanised Wire, 3mm, 60gram zinc coating per square meter, packed in 600kg coils






Weight: 600kg


Max. External Diameter: 85 cm


Hole Diameter: 45 cm


Max. Height: 80 cm


Wire Diameter: 3mm drawn wire with high breaking limit




Mechanical Characteristics


Breaking Load (N/mm2 ): 700


Yield Point (N/mm2 ): 600


Stretching (%): 8


Chemical Characteristics


% C<0.24, % P< 0.055, % S< 0.55, % Ceq< 0.52; The Steel must


be weldable


Zinc Coating


Zinc coating: For the 3 mm diameter wire, the zinc weight in


grams for each square meter is 60 grams with a


variance of + - 5 grams


The coils must all be in a clockwise direction

Low Carbon Soft Galvanised Wires

Soft quality
Supplied in 25 kg coils, bright and shiny surface
Wire Diameter: 1.8mm
Material: Low carbon steel wire

Hot Dip Galvanized Wire, with 60 - 80 GSM Thermal Zinc Coating

Diameter: 2.50mm

Finish : Hot dip Galvanized, Bright Finish.

Surface Zinc Coating : 60 - 80 GSM

Coil: 300Kgs.

Galvanised Armouring Wires for Cables

Galvanized Wire for Cable & Hose Reinforcing
Galvanized Wire, Hot Dip Galvanized, 1.25mm, used as Cable Armouring Wire or High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Reinforcing Wire

Detail Description:
Tensile strength: 340-500 N/mm2 for all sizes 
Elongation: Min. 10% for all sizes 
Wire dia(mm): 0.90,1.25,1.60,2.0,2.5,3.0,3.9 
Tolerance(mm): +/-0.025, +/-0.035, +/-0.045, +/-0.050, +/-0.065, +/-0.07, +/-0.075 
Max Elec. resistance(ohm/km) :216.92,122.02,68.64,43.93,28.11,19.52,11.55 
Min Zinc coating(g/m2): 150, 200, 230, 240, 260, 275, 290 
Coil weight: 300-800kgs/coil 
Packing: Junbo coil, plastic bag
Coil dia.(ID/OD mm):0.9mm-1.6mm:340/590,370/590,450/800,430/760; 

Stitching Wire

We supply stitching wire, or staple wire, flat or round wire. Supplied on 2 kilo plastic reels, 10 kilo reels, 15 kilo reels or 100 kilos spools. Used for stitching binderies and print manufacturers that make booklets, catalogs, magazines, and other spine-stapled books.

Book Stapling Wire

 HDG Wire Applied for Stitching:


Wire Diameter


 Allowed Tolerance 

Tensile Strength



Zinc Coated


HDG wire  1.65 - 6.00

± 0.02 mm (1.65-


400 - 1400

min 15%

(tensile strength max 510 N/mm2)

 50 - 350
± 0.04 mm (3.00--6.00)

max 15%

(tensile strength min 510 N/mm2)

Cinch Book Spiral Binding Wire

Nylon Cladding Binding Wire
Twin Loop Cinch Binding Wire, Due-wire, Nylon Cladded Galvanised Wire, available in red, black, gold, silver and various colors. Used as Wire spines suitable for binding of cinch books and notebooks, calendar, autograph album and other cinch products.


1.YO ring wire: With nylon coating, featuring good surface luster, strong adhesion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance;
2. Made from first grade binding wire, strong and bright, guaranteed quality and environmental protection;
3. Material: Non-toxic, harmless, in line with the latest European and American "environmental safety" standards, EU SGS certified;
4. Pulling Force: Strong, no easy deforming, stable quality, less waste;
5. A wide range of color selection: All kinds of fluorescent and flash pink available. We also supply custom products services with coming samples.

Spring Wire

1.00mm High Tensile Spring Steel Wire
High carbon spring steel wire for mattress and bedding spring, wire diameter 1.0mm, electro-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.

Spring Wires:

Wire Diameter Normal  Tensile Strength Packing
0.3mm-0.5mm 1800-2000N/mm2 coil or Z2 spool
0.6mm-1.0mm 1600-1800N/mm2 coil or Z2 spool
1.1mm-1.4mm 1300-1600N/mm2 coil ,Z2 or Z3 spool
1.4mm-2.0mm 1300-1450N/mm2 coil ,Z2 or Z3 spool
2.0mm-4.0mm 1300-1450N/mm2 coil ,Z2 or Z3 spool

22 Gauge Hot Dipped Galvanized Tie Wire

Rebar tying hdg wire, garden tying wire.

Oval Section Galvanized Wire

Galv. Carbon Steel Wire
Oval wire, electro galvanized or hot dipped anti corrosion resisting, high carbon steel material: 45#,55# and 65# high carbon steel.

Twisted Ties

Oval Wire, PVC Coated, for Plant and Garden Tying
Plastic Coated Galvanized Iron Wire, PVC Garden Twisted Tie Wire, Supplied in Spools

PET twist ties, spool metallic twist ties for tach-it machine
Coating Material: PET
Core Wire: Galvanized for rust resistance
Wire Diameter: 0.30mm-0.45mm
Width: 4mm
Spool: 500yards, 750m, 1000m
Colors: golden, silver, red, green, blue, black, purple, orange

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