Machines for Barbed Wire Fabricating and Plants

Puma is a Supplier and Exporter of various Barb Wire Plant and Machinery to African, South American and Asian Countries. We provide export and services for setting up Barb Wire Fencing Plant to produce Normal, Single, Double Twisted Barb Wire.

The machine is of horizontal design, consisting of two parts, assembled together at the middle. It is safe and reliable in operation, capable of turning out high quality products with consistency.

Well Sold Product Models for Export

Automatic Barbed Wire Machines Model DTBWM(Manufacturing Double Twist Barbed Wire)

PVC Coated and Galvanised Double Twisted Barbed Wire Machine
Plant and Machinery Manufacturing Double Twist Typed Barb Wire, Export for Chile , Sri Lanka and Etc.

Machinery for Galvanised Double Twisted Babed Wire, Model BWMFZ253 and BWMFZ1628

Barbed wire machine with required details:

Technical Specifications




Diameter of Line wire



Diameter of Barb’s wire



Barbs’ spacing

3,4,5,6 in.

4,5 in.

Material(Line wire & barb wire)

Low carbon , hot dip galvanized steel wire

Total weight






Barb Wire Twisting Machine Export to Mexico

High Tensile Barb Wire Producing Machine
Production Line for manufacturing high tensile barbed wire

Machinery specification:

Volt: 220V - 440V
Wire diameter: CAL. 12, CAL. 13, CAL. 15.
Strand 1.72 mm, barbed 1.5 mm, pitch 5" and Other Sizes

Reverse Twist Typed Barb Wire Machine

Requirements for the machine are listed below as:

Number of strand wires: 2
Strand wire diameter mm : 1.70 – 2.50
Number of barb wires : 2
Distance between barbs cm : 75 -100
Main Market: Turkey

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