Puma Barbed Tape Co. is a professional manufacturer and key exporter of barbed wire fencing products in China. We mainly supply Barbed Wire, Razor Type Barbed Wire and Concertina Barbed Tape Wires, as well as steel fencing systems.

Product Scope:
Traditional Barbed Wire;
Razor Type Barbed Wire;
Concertina Barbed Tape Wire;
Security Fencing Products and Projects;
Fencing Accessories ( Tension Wire, Posts, Tie Wire and Etc. );
Wires for Barbed Wire ( Galvanized Wire, Annealed Wire, Spring Wire, PVC Coated Wire);
Barbed Wire and Razor Wire Making Machines.

Fencing Solutions Provider
Razor Wire and Barbed wire can be widely used as fencing or fencing tops for metal mesh wires (woven, welded, expanded sheet) to form a fencing system or security system. Used in national boundary fencing, various border fences, perimeter fence, field fence and a variety of security fencing barriers.

Puma Barbed Tape Co. focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling barbed wire products, operated in China. We use our technology and development expertise to create fencing and security solutions in the form of good quality finished products for our customers.

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