Security Fencing Applied Traditional Barbed Wire

Twisted Barbed Wire, Traditional, Galvanized

Popular Products

ASTM INTERNATIONAL STANDARD / A121 Hot Dip Galvanized Barbed Wire for Jordan, Oman, and Middle East Countries
Electro Galvanised Barbed Wire for India

Reverse Twisted Low Carbon Steel Galvanized Barbed Wire for Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Central and South American Countries

Barbed wire for customer in Mexico ( 14#x16#, double twisted,electro-galvanised, 25kgs/roll. )

Anti-climbing barbed wire, single barbed wire or single strand barbed wire for Yemen

For suppliers in Australia (High tensile wire of at least 2.5mm with a long barb of around 20mm, barbs spaced at around 65mm.)

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire for Korea, Straight and Reverse Twisted

12# Gal. barbed wire for livestock fencing construction in USA

High Tensile Single Strand Concertina Barb Wire

Different types of barbed wire fences to major importer and distributor of steel fencing product in USA market.
HDG ( Hot Dip Galv. ) Barbed wire, distance between two barbes: 10-15cm, 13kgs/m, to Korea

ASTM International Standard Barbed Wire Roll of Two Strand Wire

Two Strand Wire Galvanised for Oman and Jordan
Barbed Wire, 150mm barb spacings, all Barbs 2.00mm diameter, Hot dipped galvanised before manufacture. Market: For Jordan, Oman and regional markets.

High Tensile Hot Dip Galvanized Barbed Wire and Binding Wire, Heavy Zinc Coated

Rolls of Barbed Wire with the following specs:

Manufactured from zinc coated (galvanized) steel wire

Double twisted line wire with four (4) barbs

Line wire diameter of 2.5mm

Barbed wire diameter of 2.0mm

Barb spacing of 10cm

Minimum tensile strength per wire of 380 Pa

Hot dip galvanized to a minimum of 210 grams/m2

Roll length: 200 meters

Barbed Wire, Green Painted Galvanised

Plastic coated barbed wire is widely used in safety protection, border and boundary fencing, fencing walls, chain link fencing systems, field fencing and so on. We offer galvanized barbed wire with PE or PVC coating treatment, mostly in green coating. PVC coated barbed wire is normally used with pvc coated mesh panels of the same color to form a fencing system.

Technical Info:
- Core of PVC Coated Barbed Iron Wire can be galvanized iron wire or black annealed iron wire.
- A variety of colors like green, blue, yellow, orange, gray, is available.
- Tensile strength of Standard PVC Coated Barbed Iron Wire is 30-45 kgs./
- Packing: In coil of 25 kilos or 50 kilos net, lined with P.V.C strips, then wrapped with P.V.C or hessian cloth.

Tubular Steel Posts and Barbed Wire Fixed in Lines for Border Security

Transmission Line Towers Security Fencing Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Zinc Pvc Coated Barbed Wire, Double Twist

Grassland Fencing Barbed Wire

Hot dipped or electric galvanized zinc pvc coated Wire Barbed, 450 mm coil diameter, 50m roll length, for grassland barrier fence. Traditional Twisted Double Barbed, Wire Gauge 2.0×2.0mm, Barb Spacing 4" to 5", Fixed with PVC Coated Steel Round Pipe Post with Hooks

Galvanised Steel Wire Barbed:
Galvanised steel wire
Double Twist
Barbed spacing 4''
1 roll x 50m

PVC Coated Steel Fencing Y Post Barbed Wire

High Security Fencing Barbed Wire, double strand type 4 points

Boundary Security Mesh Fence Post With Barbed Wire: High security double strand type with 4 points, barbs spaced 7.5 cm apart. Barbs are sharp and tightly wrapped, twisted 12.5 gauge line steel wire, uniformly coated with zinc hot dip galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-121 Class3 and also PVC coated in green. Used with chain link netting panels.

Security Fencing Razor Type Barbed Wire

Blade Razor Type Barbed Wire

Popular Product

Anti Climbing Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Obstacles, Heavily Galvanised, Long Barbed Wire, CBT-65, Outside Coil Diamter: 450mm, 1 roll x 50m

Heavy Galvanized Steel Razor Blade Barbed Wire for Military Barrier Uses

Razor Blade Barbed Wire for European Market: Holland/Belgium/Germany

Razor Blade Barbed Wire 12.5 gauge wire ASTM A121 Standard

Razor Barb Wire Rolls dia 760 mm/56 cycles - extended length 10-12 mtr/coil steel or galvanised steel.
12.5 gauge or greater barbed wire ASTM A121.

Heavy Duty Razor Blade Barb Wire

Heavy Duty Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Blade 65mm

Blade Size: 65mm length x 15mm width, in coils, Coil diameter: 900 mm x 14 meter per coil
Material: Hot dip galvanised or ss
Diameter: 2.5mm steel core

Concertina Barbed Tape, Stainless Steel

SS Barbed Tape Concertina Coils have high tensile cored line wire spirally coiled. Barbs are fixed at regular intervals. The turns of the concertina coils are inter-connected at regular distances around the circumference by means of clips, to form diamond meshes upon extension. When extended to its full length, the concertina coil unfurls easily and provides a cylinder-like barrier.

Materials: Mainly AISI stainless steel 304, 316 and other SS grades. 

Main Market: United Kingdom, Singapore, Philippines, USA, Middle East Countries, etc. 

10 x 730mm x 10 mtrs coil Barbed Tape, Short Barb, in Stainless Steel 304, for UK

SS 304 Barbed Tape Security Fencing for UK Marine Service

Stainless Steel 316 Concertina Razor Barbed Tape Coil & Barbed Wire

Stainless Steel 316 Grade Barbed Tape Concertina Coils for Singapore

Material Grade: SS 316
Stainless Steel (316) crossed concertina G2 coil.
Coil Diameter is 800 mm (BTO-18)
Supplied with Stainless Steel (316) barbed wire
For Singapore.

Stainless Steel Core Wired Barbed Tape

High Tensile 430 Core Wired Tape

30” diameter barbed tape concertina (BTC), stainless tape, stainless core, medium barb
Detial Specification:
- Coil Diameter: 30’’
- Spirals Per Coil: 56
- Row of Clips: 3
- Length per Coil: 50’
- 2.4 mm dia. High tensile (1500mPA) stainless core wire

Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina Razor Wire is widely used for construction of high security fencing projects in military and national defence. We export directly and supply Razor Wire for Government tenders and constractors in various countries ( Kuwait, Jordan, and other countries). Concertina Wire can be divided into Single Concertina and Crossed Concertina Wire.

304 Stainless Steel Razor Wire, Concertina CBT-65, 8.5 meters per coil, 56 loops per coil, for United Kingdom

SS 304 Razor Barbed Wire Concertina Fencing Loops

Razor Wire Fencing with SS Security Razor Wire Edges: Concertina Wire 700mm OD, 41 Loops, 10M Length, CBT-65 Single Coil Attached to Y Arm Post and Crimped Welded Mesh Panels

Curvy Welded Mesh Security Fence System with Razor Blade Concertina Coils

Concertina CBT-65 Razor Wire cross type in SS 304 supplied as per following details:

Concertina Wire for Boundary Wall
Standard length: 8.5 meters per coil with 56 loops per coil, CBT-65
Razor barbed types: Cross type.
Outside diameter: 800mm.
Ring to ring distance: 15cm to 18cm.
Razor distance: 100+/-2mm
Stainless steel razor wire (SS304) blade thickness: 0.5+/-0.05mm, Core wire: 2.5+/-0.1mm, Blade length: 65+/-2mm
Blade width: 21mm,
Blade space: 100mm, 56 loops / coil.
Minimum weight: 17kg per coil.
Fastening clip (SS304) for joining of Coil (with required number) to be provided with Technical Details.

Material/ certificate of conformity and standard warranty with supply.
Any deviation from stated sizes is clearly mentioned.

Hot-Dip Galvanized BTO-22 Razor Wire Fencing System with Green Powder Coated Y Post and 3D Steel Mesh Welded Fabrics

Y Post Razor Wire High Security Fencing

Flatwrap Razor Wire

The razor wire flatwrap is a flat spiral coil formed by clipping the concertina razor wire loops. This flat razor wire is mainly used as fencing/ barrier lines mounted on existing metal fence tops. Standard height is 450mm, 730mm and 980mm, or 500mm, 700mm, 900mm. Various sizes available.

The razor wire flatwrap, being a flat construction, stays within the overall dimensions of the fencing and looks less aggressive. It is preferable for most public places security fencing applications.

55 Loops Razor Wire Flatwrap

Hot Dipped Galvanized Flatwrap Razor Tapes

Sharp Blades Flatwrap Razor Barbed Wire BTO-12 for Electric Communication Tower Security Fencing

BTO 12 Blade Razor Wire Flatwrap Fencing Panels
Flatwrap Razor Barbed Wire BTO-12, Hot Dip Zinc Plated, Clipped by Steel Clips to form a Flat Panel Height 730mm,
Attached along Top Rail of Framed Metal Expanded Steel Fencing

Flat Razor Wire Panel for Pakistan & Philippines

Flat Concertina Wire Coils

Razor Wire Type: Flat Coils
10m to 15m Per Roll,
OD: 600, 750, 900mm;
Blade Type: BTO-12, 22

Razor Wire Welded Mesh

Electro Welded Razor Wire Mesh Panel is a multi-functional high security fencing fabricated from high tensile razor barbed wire. Welded into diamond pattern or square pattern flat panels. Also known as Straight-line Razor Wire.

Razor Wire Fence is almost impossible to climb or cut off with the standard tools, suitable for grass boundary, railway, highway, airport and various facilities protection.

Hot galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet 304, or 316;
Galvanized wire electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, or pvc coated galvanized.

Welded Razor Wire Mesh Type
Square Hole Size: 100mmx100mm, 150mmx150mm, 200mmx200mm
Diamond Hole Size: 75mmx150mm, 100mmx200mm, 150mmx300mm.

Galvanized Razor Wire Welded Netting, Flat Window Guarding Trellis, Hole Size 150 x 150 mm

Window Guarding Galvanized Nets

Factories Setting Up

Barbed Wire Machine

Puma is a Supplier and Exporter of various Barb Wire Plant and Machinery to African, South American and Asian Countries. We provide export and services for setting up Razor Blade Barb Wire Fencing Plant & Heavy Duty Barbed Wire Making Machine to produce Normal, Single, Double Twisted Barb Wire.

Popular Product

Production Line for manufacturing high tensile barbed wire

High Tensile Barb Wire Producing Machine

Machinery specification:

Volt: 220V - 440V
Wire diameter: CAL. 12, CAL. 13, CAL. 15.
Strand 1.72 mm, barbed 1.5 mm, pitch 5" and Other Sizes

Razor Wire Making Machinery

We supply machines for importers and distributors from Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and other countries.

Features: Light, easy to operate, high efficient, material saving.

Structure: Two parts: the main machine for producing strip plates by punching sheets, and the coiling machine.

Razor Wire Coiling Devices

Security Fencing Panels

Knot Mesh Fence

Popular Product

9 Gauge wire strand, 48-in. (1200-mm) high field fence, used for horse, cattle and deer farming fence, hot dip galvanized steel mesh fencing with graduated opening nets.

Horse Fencing and Cattle Fencing

Ranch Perimeter Fencing: Hinged Knotted Mesh Fabric with Hot Dip Galvanizing Finish, Wooden Post, Two Lines of Double Strand Barbed Wire

Hinge Joint Woven Wire Netting Installed with Top Lines of Hot Dip Galvanised Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is installed with posts directly, or installed with field fence and Y Post/T Post/Star Picket on grassland.

Galvanized Stranded Barbed Wire Fencing Coils

Steel Palisade Fence

Popular Product

Pvc Coated Galvanized Steel Palisade

Safety Fencing Trellis PVh Notched Round Top

Powder Coated Frame Finishing And Fencing Trellis & Gates
Pale: 60mm wide*2mm thickness*2.4m high

Post: 50mm x 50mm x 1.6mm thickness x 2.95m high
Rail: 50mm x 50mm x 4.0mm thickness x 2.5m length (from post center to center)
Bolt: M8 and M12.

Chain Link Fence

Popular Product

Galvanized steel dimond mesh fencing

40x40x5mm Zinc Coated Galvanised Steel Fence

  1. 1.8mm wire ×50mm ×50mm ×1×15m 
  2. 1.8mm wire ×50mm ×50mm×1.8×15m
  3. 2mm wire × 50mm ×50mm ×1×15m 
  4. 2mm wire ×50mm ×50mm ×1.8×15m
  5. 2.7mm ×50mm ×50mm ×1×15m 
  6. 2.7mm ×50mm ×50mm ×1.8×15m

Plastic and Vinyl Coated Dimond Hole Chain Link Fence

Colors available: Green and black coating as most popular. Biege, white or other colors at customers request.
Powder coated steel mesh is suitable for the yards, parks, zoos, pool security fencing, industrial zones.

Ornamental Residences Back Yard Fencing
PVC coated steel mesh fence, rhombic mesh opening 2"x2", chain link style, wire diameter 2.76mm, galvanised pvc coating in green, at 2.4 metre height

Portable Fence for Swimming Pool Safety, with Gate, Diamond Mesh 50x50x2.5mmx1.8mm, Black Powder Coating against Corrosion and Sunlight

Diamond Mesh 50x50x2.5mmx1.8mm for Swimming Pool Fence

Aluminum Coated Steel Mesh, Chain Link Weaving Type, 10mm x 10mm, the wire is coated with aluminum to produce a smooth and uniform coating. The weight of aluminum coating, wire sizes with allowable variances, and wire breaking strength, conform to ASTM A 817.

Flexible Diamond Mesh Fence

A kind of aluminum powder coated steel fence. The aluminized steel mesh fence offers an option with less cost in commercial uses compared real aluminum. It also has the aluminum shine surface to enjoy almost all the features of the real Aluminum fences.

358 Mesh Fence

Popular Product

3D Curvy Welded 358 Mesh Fence

Green PVC Coated Steel 358 Mesh High Security Fence

Heavy Hot Dipped Galvanized 358 Mesh Fence
Green PVC Coated Steel 358 Mesh High Security Fencing

• Heights: 2m and 2.4m
• Horizontal Wires: 4mm, Single or Double Wire; 12.7mm centres
• Vertical Wires: 4mm; 76.2mm centres
Mesh Style: 358 Welded Mesh
Razor Wire Tops: Optional.
Heigth of the fence: 2m and 2.4m with another 0,5 height for razor wire.

We supply in full sets ( one set including one fence panel, one post and its accessories).
Colour range choices: Green (RAL 6005)

358 High Secure Mesh for Electrical Substation and Outdoor Electric Utilites

Electrical Substation Security Fencing Panels

Outdoor Electrical Power Substation Fencing Project is composed with:
358 welded mesh panel, steel posts, barbed wire or razor wire and other accessories.
Height of Fence Panels: Excluding barbed wire, shall be minimum 1.8m. Commonly above 3m. 
Barbed Wire: The mesh panels shall be topped with not less than three strands of barbed wire.
Based on the "V" shape post supported barbed wire, this system offers economically priced perimeter security protection.

Material: Low carbon iron wire, galvanized wire. 
Clamps: steel or plastic.
Flat mesh panel:
Height(m): 2.03, 2.23, 2.43
Width(m): 2.5 or 3.0
Hole opening(mm): 76.2x12.7mm for heavy 358 type, or 50*100, 50*150 welded common mesh type. 
Wire diameter(mm):4-5

Post with V arm to form Y shape Post for attaching concertina razor wire coils. 
Square post(mm):60*60*2, 60*60*3.
Rectangular post(mm): 60*80*3.

Welded Mesh Fence

Popular Product

Galv. / PVC Coated, Electro Welded Mesh Panels, 50x50mm, for Outdoor Security Fencing Uses
50 x 50mm Square Mesh PVC Welded Mesh

With Roll of Razor Wire, Coil Top 3.55mm

Galvanized Plasting Coated Wire Mesh
Hole size: 50 x 50 mm, square hole

Welded Mesh Panel, Size -2667 mm X 955 mm, 76.2 mm X 12.7 mm Mesh

Galvanized Mesh Fencing Panels

Welded Net Segment Fencing Panels, Mesh size 50 × 200 mm, Galvanized Finish

High Security Border Protective Galvanized Mesh Fencing Panels


Tension Fencing Wire

Model - 7 Gauge Tension Wire, Steel Hot Dip Galvanized Wire

Chain Link Fence Securing Wire

Material: 7 gauge Steel hot dip galvanized coil spring wire.
Minimum tensile strength of 5,620 kg/sq cm.
The wire shall be according to standards below:

Standards: ASTM A 90-69 Weight of Zinc Coating
ASTM A 123-73 Zinc (Hot Galvanized coating)
Surface: PVC Coated in green.

Model - Low Carbon High Tension Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Tension Wire

Garden Fencing Galvanized Wire
Spring Wire, Galvanised line wire with an overall wire diameter of 2.5mm. Ideal for Galvanised fencing and garden mesh fences.

Galvanized Wire

Popular Product

Galvanised Wire, 3mm, 60gram zinc coating per square meter, packed in 600kg coils

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rolls

Galvanised Armouring Wires for Cables

Galvanized Wire for Cable & Hose Reinforcing

Galvanised Armoring Wire for Cables
Tensile strength: 340-500 N/mm2 for all sizes 
Elongation: Min. 10% for all sizes 
Wire dia(mm): 0.90, 1.25, 1.60,2.0,2.5,3.0,3.9 
Tolerance(mm): +/-0.025, +/-0.035, +/-0.045, +/-0.050, +/-0.065, +/-0.07, +/-0.075 
Max Elec. resistance(ohm/km) :216.92, 122.02,68.64,43.93,28.11, 19.52, 11.55 
Min Zinc coating(g/m2): 150, 200, 230, 240, 260, 275, 290 
Coil weight: 300-800kgs/coil 
Packing: Junbo coil, plastic bag
Coil dia.(ID/OD mm):0.9mm-1.6mm:340/590,370/590,450/800,430/760; 

Cinch Book Spiral Binding Wire

Nylon Cladding Binding Wire
Twin Loop Cinch Binding Wire, Due-wire, Nylon Cladded Galvanised Wire, available in red, black, gold, silver and various colors. Used as Wire spines suitable for binding of cinch books and notebooks, calendar, autograph album and other cinch products.

Annealed Wire

Popular Product

Florist Tying Wire with Loops on Both Ends / Double Loop Wire Ties

Color: Annealed and galvanized, or vinyl coated into yellow, white, bright silver, black, etc.
Diameter: 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm
Package: 5kgs roll, 25 kg or 50 kg rolls, pp film inside and hassian cloth outside or pp woven bag outside

Double Loop Ends Binding Wire
3mm Wire Diameter Black Annealed Tie Wire for Garden Tying and Other Uses

Coil Wire Rolls for Tying

1.2mm Wire Diameter Black Wire
Fencing wire, mesh wire and binding wire

Material: Annealed and galvanized mild steel wire.
Package: Small coils of 5kg, 10kge, 15kg, more.

Black Annealed Binding Wire

Automatic Rebar Tying Wire

Material: Black annealed wire
Wire diameter: 0.8mm
Weight: 0.4kg/spool.
Wire length: 95m/spool.
Supply Forms: Winding wire on plastic spools.

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