Security Fencing Steel Palisade Posts, Panels and Gates

Galvanized Steel Palisade Fencing is the most popular choice for the areas which require high level of security and vandal resistance. The Steel Palisades are used as perimeter fence for protecting schools, industrial sites and different types of premises. Fabricated from hot-formed and cold-rolled steel sections. " D" and "W" sections are popular. Available with bracket extensions for barbed wire or razor wire fencing tops to get maximum boundary protection.

Section Pales

Palisade fencing is made of W section pale or D section pale, with triple pointed pale head, spear head or single pointed top.

W Section Pale:
Thickness in 3 types:
2mm: general purpose
2.5: security

Pale Head Types of W Section:
1. Triple Pointed Top
2. Single Pointed Top
3.Round top
4.Round and Notched top

W Section Head Pales
Triple Point, Single Point and Round Notch Top

D section pale:
D section in 3 thickness:
3mm: General purpose
3.5mm: Security purpose
4mm: Special

Pale Heads Types of D section:
Square top
Triple pointed top
Single pointed top
Round top
Round and notched top


Galvanized steel;
Polyester powder coated.


Steel palisade panels find extensive security fencing uses:
*Apartment and buildings protection solutions
*Industrial facilities protection solutions
*Telecom & Mobile tower base station protection solutions
*Airport & harbor protection solutions
*Roads and railways protection solutions
*The border protection solutions
*Military defence and prison protection solutions

Main Market: Europe market, Australia market, South Africa market.

Well Sold Models for Export

Pvc Coated Galvanized Palisade ( Notch Round Top ) for Residential Garden Fencing

Powder Coated Frame Finishing And Fencing Trellis & Gates
Pale: 60mm wide*2mm thickness*2.4m high

Post: 50mm x 50mm x 1.6mm thickness x 2.95m high
Rail: 50mm x 50mm x 4.0mm thickness x 2.5m length (from post center to center)
Bolt: M8 and M12.

Safety Fencing Trellis PVh Notched Round Top
Garden Fencing / Back Yard Safety Fencing, panel height:1.2m-3.6m, length: 2.75m, painted in colors yellow, blue, white, dark green, etc.

Triple Pointed Steel Palisades

Triple point steel palisade provides ideal security fencing for most perimeters. Painted in green.

Security Fencing, Triple Pointed Picket Post, Steel Fencing
Cold rolled steel pales are attached to horizontal steel rails to form anti climbing fencing trellis.

Palisade Fence with Metal Sliding Gates

Security Steel Palisade with Gates

Palisade Fence:
W Shape Palisade Pale, 68mm Wide; 75 x 75 x 5mm Thickness H Beam Post
60 mm x 30 mm x 10mm thickness lipped channel; security screw;

Palisade Fence in Hot Dip Galvanized and Painted Finish.
The Top Curve part on palisade pale can also be based on customer standard details to ensure Anti-Climb Feature.

Palisade Metal Sliding Gate to match the Palisade Fence. Gate clear Opening of 6.3M. Gate Operating Mechanism.

Palisade Post Section Types



Steel Palisade Specification


Fence Height Post Dimensions Rail Dimensions Support Legs Corrugated Steel Palisades
1.2m 102x44 or 100x55 40x40x6mm 1 W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm
1.5m 102x44 or 100x55 40x40x6mm 1 W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm
1.8m 102x44 or 100x55 40x40x6mm 1 W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm
2.0m 102x44 or 100x55 45x45x6mm 1 W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm
2.1m 102x44 or 100x55 45x45x6mm 1 W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm
2.4m 102x44 or 100x55 45x45x6mm 1 W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm
2.7m 102x44 or 100x55 50x50x6mm 1 W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm
3.0m 127x76 50x50x6mm 2 W - 2.5mm or D - 3.5mm
3.6m 127x76 50x50x6mm 2 W - 2.5mm or D - 3.5mm

Configuration Detail:

Standard Configuration Type A
Panel Height Pales O/C Spacing Rails
8 13 ga. 5-15/16" 2" TS x 14 ga.
10 13 ga. 5-15/16" 2" TS x 14 ga.
12 13 ga. 5-15/16" 2" TS x 14 ga.


Standard Configuration Type B



Size: 100 x 55mm/100 x 44mm
Available with base plates for bolt-down or cranked over walls.
Bracket extensions available for barbed wire or razor wire.



Size: 40mm x 40mm/ 45mm x 45mm/ 50mm x 50mm
Steel angle rails punched for pale attachment.
Connected with 12mm square cup bolts and anti-vandal permacone (snap-off) nuts.

Pale Tops


High security style split-tripple point, or single point.

Safety style rounded, or rounded and notched top. 



Rails and pales are fitted using rivets & collars, or rounded bolts with permacone nuts (snap-off / anti-vandal).

Connection Plates


Linking the steel rails together.



Steel Fencing Project

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Palisade Fencing, Razor Wire and Gate - Security Fencing Project in Singapore

Palisade Fencing - W Section Palisade Fence Panels, with Gates, Top Rails and Razor Wire Attachment

80mm W Section Fencing Panel:

Components for Standard 3m Panels consists of:

1) 18 Pales (Single Point) - Standard 80mm W Section x 2.5mm
2) 1 Post Standard (150mm X 100mm X 2.5mm)
3) 2 Standard Rails Channel ( 80mm x 50mm x 2.5mm)
4) 1 Reinforcing Rails Angle 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm
5) 12 Spacers ( 4 per Rail)
6) 6 M10 Cup Hd Bolt with security shear nut ( 2 per rail )
7) 54 M8 T fencing bolt with security shear nut ( 3 per pale)

Modular Steel Fencing Panels
2.75 m panel available, normally consisting of 16 pales.

Steel Palisade Gates Open Both Inwards and Outwards to Exceeed 180 Degree:

Double Gate Posts, Gate width: 190mm, height 2.4m from top of concrete plinth to top of razor wire, concrete plith is required under all fencing gates. The top rail is punched fro Razor Wire Fasteners.

Gate for Security Fencing, Width 270mm, standard gate clearances: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m. With diagonal bracing.



The pales are manufactured from 2.5mm base thickness steel.
80 mm Basic W Profiles.
Test Standard: The pales must not deflect more than 8mm at the moddle point of the span under a test load of 2.5kN for Security Fence (SP).
The top of the Pales is formed with a single point 100mm long and the point is symmetrical.


The fences have 2 rails per panel with 2.5mm base thickness steel for SP Grade.


The Posts is made from a minimum of 3.5mm base thickness steel for SP Grades and 3.5mm or 2.5mm for GP Grades.

Fence Height: 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m
Post Footing Depth: 600mm or 900mm
Overall Length: 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m or 3.6m


The Posts Rails, Pales and Components shall be fabricated from Grade G250 base steel in accordance with AS 1397. or other competent standards.

Hot dip galvanized coating class for the base steel material shall meet Z600 (600g/m2) or other stated standard.


The Pale to Rail fixing strength shall withstand a load of 12kN for GP Grade Installations and 18kN for SP Grade installations when tested.

The palses shall be spaced at 160mm for 80mm pales. 0.20mm more or less. 18 pales per 3m panels.


Pales are attached to the rails by steel T fencing bolts with tamper resistant shear off security nuts.
All fasteners shall be hot dip galvanized.


For high security purpose, razor wire is attached to the upper rail ( the rail is punched at 160mm). The 600mm diameter Concertina razor wire is clampled to the rail. The clips are galvanized.
Self supporting razor wire or Y post mounting types are available.


All scratches or areas of bare steel of the fencing system shall be treated with thick coating of zinc / galvanizing paint.

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